Tuesday 10 June 2014

Character Profile


Battle Level: 4                          Atts: 2                                   Wounds: 22                                  Gold: 6080

Equipment: Lantern, Shield, Chainmail Armour, Lucky Talisman, Ensorcelled Blade, Boots of Swiftness,

Potions: Potion of Healing

Skills: Beserk, Battlerage, Shield Wall, Hunters Eye

Crue is the long term partner to Serefina, the two of them have taken on some dangerous foes. Has to be said that Crue often either takes the risks on the part of the group, he is far more expendable than Serefina. If there is something to be opened , crawled down or jumped over, Crue 's your man. He often lets the group down in combats however, either fluffing both his attacks or wounding poorly. However where he comes into his own is that final nasty villain in the objective room: by using a combo of Beserk, Battlerage and his Lucky Charm, which I always save till the last room or if the group is up against the wall, he can kick out three auto hits at strength 12 + 1D6 each, which is really worth doing. His other role is to stand out front in combat with any nasty creature and soak up damage while Serefina casts spells at his foe.

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