Wednesday 25 June 2014

How I work on Models

Thought I would share, very quickly, how I work on my models. This is probably not that much different from many people. I never have only one project on the go at a time. Presently I have six different projects of various sizes that I'm in the middle of.

Currently: cutting boards to make 3 cavern tiles,
                constructing 5 more cottages,
                modelling green stuff on my daemonettes,
                finishing off a base for a giant lizard,
                painting the 4 ghost models I made earlier,
                undercoating character models,
                modelling a couple of character models from bits I have found.


Some of these are going to take ages, some will get completed very quickly. But with time needed for drying or curing it is really useful to juggle lots of different projects. The only draw back is sometimes that I get drawn into a project which gets into my psyche and I find it difficult to stop and re-focus on another aspect that needs finishing.

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