Thursday 5 June 2014

Character Profile


Battle Level: 3                          Atts: 2                                   Wounds: 14                                  Gold: 4032

Equipment: Great Axe, Rope, Chainmail Armour, Cloak of Deception, Axe of Slaughter, Fanged Death Helm, Tankard

Potions: Potion of Strength

Skills: Death Song, Mighty Blow

Bjorg is the baby of the group, the last to join. At first he was carried quite a bit of the time. Recently however he gained two very important bits of kit, no not the tankard (although if you ask him...), the Axe of Slaughter and the Fanged Death Helm which suddenly boosted his ability to to damage his foes. Now he has taken a more prominent role in all our games. He has always been good in defence, especially now he has the cloak of deception.

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