Monday 16 June 2014

Game Equipment

A while ago now I realised that I had quite a few sets of dice, templates, general paraphenalia and that they needed to be organised in some fashion. So I gathered everything together in one bag, for general play and for tournaments, the later not something I often do.

Boxes to keep everything tidy.

Magic cards and placement cards (Avian) 

Magic pool to separate out the dice.

Tokens to mark special spells etc.

Dice and their boxes, hand made from cereal box card.

Objective markers on left, charge markers at front, dice box in middle and unit stands for those people who try to balance their troops on the edge of a hill.

Objective markers. Corks, pennies, card and bits.

Unit stands.

Charge markers.

Special markers for spell effects.

Wound markers.

Orc dice and box.

Home made wound markers, different sorts for differing armies.

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