Thursday 11 September 2014

Tower Top

I have been working slowly, very slowly on the top of the tower to create a chapel type effect. It has gone through several incarnations since I began experimenting.

First I tried in card, two different structures, but really wasn't happy with how they were going, see earlier posts in Buildings, so I gave up.

Then I found a thin plastic ball which had had leaves glued to it, a pot pouri thing that "she who must not be named" had bought, So I removed the leaves and cut it in half. Then I glued it to the top of the structure I had cut from Cappa board.

To finish I covered most of the structure with a concrete mix I like, wood glue with sand added and mixed up like gobo. Smear it on and let it dry. Rock hard when it sets off, then I painted the whole thing.

This the full set up, the sort of temple you might get in a city.

A temple suitable for a town, I have just removed the base ruin.

This could be a small temple or wayshrine attached to a village.
Next I will be making some furniture pieces to go inside and outside the structure. 



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