Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Starport Scum: Landing Craft

At odd mometns over the last few weeks I have been toying with a model I made a long time ago but never really got to use or finish.

Originally it was an epic space marine model that I made from card around an MDF base. However it came to me that I could use the carcase to make a landing craft for my 10 mm Starport Scum/ Five Parsecs games.

I added some beads, completed the base with PVAcrete to give texture and repainted the whole model, topping it off with stain.

On a landing pad.

I have one more of these models, not complete at all, I may well create a second craft but with a different feel to this one. Well I may as well use them, better than having them sitting in a box somewhere.

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