Thursday, 29 September 2016

KOW: Avatar of the Father, Herd Unique Character

This is my idea for the Avatar of the Father for the Herd army, a unique character, so you can have only one.

Its made from a Reaper bones minotaur, weapons removed and arms raised with some chosen chaos marine wings, I believe.

All mounted on a piece of granite from Cornwall.

GS was added to cover the mariney parts of the wings, fur does it everytime and to create slightly larger claws to help him stand well on the granite.

Mmmmm ....fur.

Then came the painting, lots of drybrushing with some rather cheap grey paints over a black undercoat, then drybrushed white- Citedal, details all added using Citedal paints.
Finally I picked out some of the details around the face with bleached bone and then finished off with antique oak stain to bring out the details.

Some lichen and clump foliage added to the base and the model is complete.

Look forward to playing with him next week.

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