Sunday, 25 September 2016

KOW: Minotaurs Rebased

Had not played with my minotaurs for quite some time so decided it was time to get them out and only then realised that they had not benefitted from rebasing like most of my herd army had done, so I got busy.

These are very old miniatures, mostly from from the 90's, those with shields were made by me, the shields that is.

The nearset minotaur is a reaper bones model, very good, cheap alternative.

2 Hordes or 4 regiments. Still have at least another Horde to base up.

With and without flash, which is best?

Cut new 40 mm by 120 mm bases out of hardboard and glued them on, painting the edges with some green I picked up from B&Q cheap.

I haven't finished these yet, I need to fill the gaps with PVAcrete and then add flock or clump foliage, so you'll get to see these again no doubt :-)

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