Thursday, 3 November 2016

Frostgrave: The Dungeon Mausoleum

Played Ian over at Wakefield warriors on Monday and had an interesting game of Frostgrave. We played an underground version of the Mausoleum scenario on the layout you can see above.

Each warband started in a large room which led into the dungeon and to the central cavern with the Mausoleum in.

I won't post a blow by blow account, but instead just mention some of the highlights.

Much of the first 4 or 5 turns was the warbands moving into position, meeting the odd skeleton on the way.

Both parties split into 2 groups heading East or West round the corridors to the centre.

On an 17+ initiative roll wandering monsters appeared, but non actually did.

Early wounds were only taken because wizards and apprentices were trying to cast buffs on their soldiers.

Batteries on camera died at this point. Rest of pictures were taken on my phone.

Ian's warband reached bothe the treasures before I could get to them. The bridge at the start had really slowed me down.

The warbands get within striking distance for the first time.

Some archer on archer action.

Ian's warband had already reached the central chamber with the Mausoleum and set about getting rid of the skeletons that were pouring out of it.

It took them a while.

My knight joins the fray as my thug ran forward to get a better position.

The heroic archer standing against 3 soldiers in the collapsed passage.

At the Mausoleum the skeletons were being dispatched, again.

Found the flash had been off, but now all can be seen :-(

The archewr stands strong, I threw some appauling dice.

My infantryman catches up with Ians and loses the battle. Despite being at +7 to his dice roll!

Ian's archer finally bowed to the pressure.

My archer managed to kill the Ian's infantryman.

But we arrived too late, all the treasure was gone and Ian's warband had discovered a secret passage and scarpered. 

"Where'd they go?" it was almost as if Ian's warband had had inside information the whole game through, they got to the treasure quicker, and managed to escape into thin air, although I did manage to kill about 4 of them

Post Game Sequence

Not sure what Ian found but I do know he got 4 rolls on the tables and made off with a good amount of treasure.

My warband gathered up 2 loot counters, finding 2 scrolls and a grimoire as well as about 120 GC
I will post a run down of my warband with all their names in the near future so you can see how they are doing, same with Ian's.

A funny game really, mainly because the all the action happened three quarters of the way through the game and I suppose because we had never used the dungeon tiles before. 
But nontheless a great game yet again, proving, if nothing else, that I can't throw dice for toffee, but then who would want to throw dice and recieve toffee for having done so, beats me!

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