Saturday, 25 February 2017

Five Parsecs: Fardle Fanatics

Have not played 5 Parsecs for an age and it seemed to me it was what was needed :-)
This AAR follows on from the game I played, solo, quite some time ago.

The crew of the SS Sulimann had been forced to keep hold of Halo Jobes the psyker after some henchmen had got twitchy and shot the hand over to pieces.
They fled to a deserted village, on the planet Sarin, in the middle of nowhere to decide what to do next, before returning to the SS Sulimann.

However, Unoleg was not the only interested party. A group of religious fanatics believe Halo to be a possessed being who must be sacrificed to their god "Quardle Fardle". Hence a group of 5 of them have turned up to kidnap Halo and wisk her away.

The fanatics sneak up on our crew.

Junke and her crew discuss what to do next.

Still acting stealthy like, the fanatics creep up on the unexpecting crew.

Then they see their opportunity and rush forward laying down a hail of fire at poor Vasily Barrett, who was on sentry duty.

2 more fanatics round the corner.

Jazz, up top, sees nothing it seems.

The first shot hits the wall beside Vasily and forces him through the door hole, another shot knocks him from his feet. Down, but not OOA. 

Hearing the noise, Junke steps to the edge of the second floor and choosing to use her Sharp Shooter skill roles 2 kill dice and 1 shock dice, with her hand gun, taking the first fanatic shooter out of the game.

Jazz takes a bead on another fanatic and knocks him off his feet.

Junke's view of the fanatics.

Fanatics being what they are, fuelled with religious fervour and drugs, leapt forward to engage the enemy at all costs.

Junke moved into contact with the fanatic bent on despatching Vasily, who was still sluggish from his earlier experience.

Another fanatic on the far right doesn't stop to help his fallen comrade, no, he just makes towards his goal, shooting at Jazz as he goes and missing.

Junke swiftly floored the fanatic in combat, her glare sword cutting an arc through his shoulder.

Vasily now safe to move off.

Krat, the alien, had already shot at one fanatic and caused him to hunker down behind some barrels, now it was his turn to shoot back. He missed but managed to cause Jazz to hunker down in the hail of confusing fire.

Junke with Vasily in tow, charged towards the fanatic who shot at Jazz, swiftly cutting him down.

Vasily turned his attentions to the yelling fanatic and burned him to a crisp with his cling fire pistol.

After 3 attempts at gaining his feet, the fanatic on the far right who had hardly moved and had no help from his compatriates, gained his feet and was immediately shot down by Jazz.

With all the fanatics lying dead the crew decide that really they need to get to the Sullimann in order to be completely safe.

Post Game Sequence

Because this game was a follow on game and did not have a particular objective, other than survival, the crew really didn't get anything from the confrontation. These games can drain useful resources, lukily I didn't use any grenades. On the other hand the fanatics were very unlucky not to take out any of the PCs, they played very aggressively.

Junke and the crew with Halo did decide that they had to make it to their ship, the SS Sulimann.
We will pick up the action there.

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