Tuesday, 7 February 2017

KOW: Pre Tournament Playtest

Played 2 games at the Wakefield Warriors last night in prep for the Beers of War tournament at the weekend. I played alongside Lee for both games, great fun.

Game 1

First game was the Invade scenario.

Played the League, consisting of  a Regiment of Honour Guard, very nasty and a Regiment of Household knights Led by a Duke on a winged Aralez. Accompanied by the Varagar 2 Hordes of Fallen with various magic items and led by a chieftain on a horse. 

A pivotal moment, the Duke crashes into a regiment of Mawbeasts and manages to bounce off them. This gives the Trolls a chance to flank charge and the Duke is routed.

One of my best throws from 14 dice, but still only 3 wounds converted!

The Goblins managed to win convincingly. Outnumbering and slowing the enemy really helped.

Game 2

Second game versus Lukes Dwarfs, mainly Brock riders and Kev's Salamanders, playing dominate scenario.

Managed to get an early charge on Lukes Brock regiment, while not destroying it, did put 11 wounds on it, making it vunerable. On the top right flank the Mawbeast troop and Regiment managed to turn the Salamander unit.

Using combination of attacks from the Trolls and Mincer we managed another win, despite Lee forgetting he had a whole unit Mawbeasts on the right flank till the last turn.

So all in all, 2 games and 2 victories, loads of fun and some things for me to think about before Saturday and the tournament. I will be altering my army a little bit, but the Trolls were invaluable throughout both games.

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