Friday, 17 February 2017

KOW: Goblins V Skaven

Mick and I got together to play the first battle in my new home, only took 9 months! We played a straight up battle 2000 points per side.
I will not give a blow by blow account of the battle, but I will pick out the important turn of events.

FYI (The tea cup cost 130 points and tea another 15 points, as its considered a magical item.)


Ratkin Army

Horde of Shock troops
Regiment of Blight
Regiment of warriors
Regiment of shock troops
Regiment of slaves 
Horde of Brutes
A mutant rat fiend
A Death Engine
Weapon teams x2
A Demonspawn
Warlock x2 (I think)
War chief
War Chief on a fleebag

Goblin Army

Horde of Trolls x3
Regiment of Fleabag riders x2
Horde of Goblin Rabble
Regiment of Mawbeasts
Troop of Mawbeasts
Mincers x3
War Trombone
Troll Bruiser
Goblin Biggit
Wizard x3

After the first turn I had surged forward but Mick decided to hang back, unleasing a storm of magic.

The Mawbeasts were first peppered by the Death Engine then by Ratkin wizards, causing them to waver.

The first unit of Fleabag riders fell to shots from the weapon teams. Didn't see that coming at all.

The Goblins marched on.

The goblins got in each others way passing through the terrain. Although the second regiment of fleabags charged and routed the slaves parked infront of the horde of shock troops.

The mawbeast troop helped rout the slaves too.

The horde of brutes and the death engine make short work of the trolls.

A big conflict brews up in the middle of the field, I know the rabble will lose, they are outgunned.

Mick successsfully clears the left flank apart from the goblin Bigit.

The right flank is going the goblins way after several rounds of magic to soften up the ratkin.

A combined charge from trolls and rabble got rid of the shock troop horde, very surprisingly to me.

With the left flank held by the Ratkin and right flank Goblins, it was time for the armies to about face.

As the left was consolidated the Mutant Rat Fiend turned on the rabble and hit them in the flank, routing them easily with help from the Warchief on his fleabag.

Lots of repositioning getting opponents in site.

It was getting scrappy at this point and I couldn't organise a concerted attack, I kept losing units and my support troops were being picked off.

Mick however had managed to keep ticking over, taking a few of my more annoying units off the board.

We were going to meet in dribs and drabs across the centre of the board and I didn' have much confidence in what I had left. I think I had lost too much too early on the left flank, I should have kept my distance.

At this point the game came to a halt, it was very late. It was decided that Mick had definately won the contest.
Congratulations Mick, was a great battle, much enjoyed.

A Ratkin Victory

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