Tuesday, 21 November 2017

Five Parsecs from Home: 2nd Edition


A quick post to bring to your attention that Ivan Sorensen has created an updated/stand alone version of Five Parsecs From Home.

A much loved game on this site for a few years now and one which I have thoroughly enjoyed playing, can't really recommend it enough. Got mine yesterday :-)

Blurb from Wargame Vault

Five Parsecs From Home is back, leaner and meaner than ever before!
Create a crew of randomly generated personalities and see if you can make a profit on the fringes of space. Look for patrons, get into gun-battles and build up your squad.
Five Parsecs is aimed specifically at the solo gamer (though you can play with a friend just fine) and lets you build a crew, take them through missions, gain new equipment and level them up. 
Watch your men, women and bug-eyed aliens improve, grow (or die horribly) as you play.
Experience random events and unforeseen circumstances.
* * * * *
Who is this game for?
If you have wanted a Necromunda style campaign experience to play solo.
If you want to play a miniatures campaign in the style of Traveller, Trigun or Borderlands.
If you want a game that is written with solo gamers in mind.
* * * * *
This is a second edition of the original Five parsecs rules. It includes the following changes:
*Completely stand-alone game based on an original, ultra-simple system.
*Stream-lined to make it far more manageable for a single player.
*Solo advice for running enemy forces is included right in the combat rules.
*The game has been condensed to focus on the results that matter. That meant pruning some random tables down. 
*Far fewer exceptions and special rules to keep track of.
*We added more optional rules and difficulty settings, allowing the game system to be customized to your liking.
*An economic system allowing you to earn and spend cash.
* * * * *
All you need to play is a handful of scifi adventurer figures and some suitable enemies to get started. Figures need to be based individually. Scale is up to the player.
The PDF is laid out in single column, for the benefit of screen reading, especially in light of the popularity of ipads and android tablets as gaming accessories.
To be print-friendly, all images are grey-scale rather than color. 

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