Saturday, 11 November 2017

KOW: Orcs V Basileans

Played against Kev down at the Wakefield Warriors Games Club and had a fun Monday evening.

 Kev's Basileans (as far as I can remember)

Sisterhood Infantry Horde
Sisterhood Panther lancer Troops x2
Regiment of Men at arms
Penitents Troop x2
Troop of Paladin foot Guard
Horde of Elohi
Regiment of Paladin Knights

Dax's Orcs

Horde of Axe
Horde of Great Axe
3 Regiments of Gore Riders
2 Giants, Bloodbottler and Butcherboy
2 Godspeakers
Krudger on a Slasher

I won't be giving a blow by blow account, just the main bits. We were playing the Secure scenario.

Straight away I felt like I was surrounded and outflanked the Basileans are so fast.

They were strung out on 3 sides of the board so I struck out for the centre, knowing the flanks would trap me.

Kev really knows how to use the fliers and the very speedy Panthers, I was left all alone on this flank while he scooted away.

Watch what happens to my 2 hordes: the Axe horde are bottom left below and Great Axe middle top.

One Godspeaker managed to fireball a troop of penitents which routed them, I don't think Kev minded :-)

I set a sort of trap for the Paladin Knights but really just to put them off getting the charge. However the Panthers offered themselves up and made a mess of the flank for me. They were commended by Kev it should be noted. 

The dreaded Elohi horde about to rout some Gore riders, I didn't even see that charge coming!

The Axe horde are still keeping their distance and doing nothing really. The Great Axe have routed some penitents and are now ready for a proper charge.

Here I am mostly being surrounded. The Elohi rout my Flagger while the Phoenix and Ur-Elohi get round the back of my orcs.

The Gore riders fail to destroy the Panthers on the right flank.

The Great Axe horde are hit by Gnaeus in the flank, the Men at arms and the Sisters in the front, they were despatched quickly.

So that left a huge hole in the centre of the field, the game was falling apart for the Orcs.

Bit of luck on the right, the Panthers finally gave up the fight and the Knights charged into the Gore Riders, but didn't wipe them out, the Wardrum might have helped. That gave me the chance to get the Krudger into combat.

Kev set himself up to charge the Axe horde and the Giant (Butcherboy) at the top of the table, while the Gore Riders wavered on the right. Notice the Elohi drawing up behind the Gores as well!

What is missing from the picture? Well the fact that the Sisterhood horde could be see and charged by my Axe Horde and routed, bringing them back into the game. 

On the right the Paladin Knights are routed and the Gores turn to face the Elohi.

Here we have the Elohi jump into combat with Bloodbottler, the giant, while the Krudger takes on the foot Knights and Butcher boy is flanked by Gnaeus and still in combat with the Men at arms.

The Men at arms kept being healed by the Priest at the rear of the unit.

The Ur-Elohi removes the Gore riders and my Krudger routs the Knights while Bloodbottler struggles on against the Elohi. Butcherboy manages to waver the Men at arms with my Axe horde charge and rout Gnaeus.

About to charge the Men at arms and the Elohi to leave Kev with just one last troop.

As you can see from these last few pictures there was very little left of either army, both Giants were gone, the Elohi and Men at arms destroyed and looking at it I should have been in the good position to win. However the scenario called for the possession of terrain pieces. Off screen to the left, lower quarter was a troop of Panthers holding a hill in my half of the table which gave Kev a clear 2 point victory. 

I was not worried about this, he had his victory and the Orcs had acquitted themselves well in the latter stages of the game, killing stuff can make up for any loss :-)

It was a great game, one I thoroughly enjoyed playing. Cheers Kev for a fun evening.

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