Thursday, 3 January 2019

Cottage Revamp Number Two

A different approach for this second revamping of a cottage I made quite some time ago now. This time, instead of relying on my "use odds and ends" sort of approach I've gone for a "practice your modelling skills" method.

I started with GS, but took to using Fimo, self drying clay with PVA added.

The effect was similar to the GS, but the amount I got done in the same time was ridiculous, by which I mean I belted through it. So it is method of choice at the moment. Das self drying clay with PVA added will be my next experiment.

Above shows what the stone work looked like before I started, huge blocks made from cereal card and not very realistic at all really. To think I was really happy with them when I made then, pah!

All the walls on the first floor are complete and I will be looking at the roof section next as I am going to try modelling the wooden shingles. Then I will return to the first floor and model the wood on the beams.

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