Thursday, 16 May 2019

Feywild Terrain?

With my D&D group in the midst of a series of games in the Feywild I have been trying to create some terrain set pieces from the terrain I already have. Mrs Daxio is coming to the end of her tether as regards how many hills, forests and buildings we have in the house.

Here I was trying to create a large tree type structure, perhaps a bit Pandora like or Lothlorien ish. 
I am not convinced, not that it might be useful, but that it might be unsafe really. Think that the lower "trunks" I created are just not large enough to support the upper sections how I would like. I recon one moment of excited movement and the whole lot could come tumbling down.

The boards that sit on top of the trunks are also a bit straight edged and don't quite work for me.

I think I will make some broader trunks and perhaps try to disguise the board edges, lichen maybe?
But if I can't do it easily I think I may forget the whole idea. Probably would only use it on one occasion anyway. 

But if it works I could see myself using a set up like this to hopefully excite my players.

Its always difficult if you don't want to start creating new pieces of terrain, sometimes the result is a hotch-potch of poorly put together disparate parts. We will see!


  1. No risk, no fun. It looks like an area I would like to play on. :)

  2. What a fun idea, but it indeed looks like it isn't easy to play on 😁.

    My wife keeps my hobby in check, but with your bursts of creativity I can imagine how your collection got rather big and perhaps ran a bit out of hand. Time for a bigger home 😉.

    1. I agree the ease of play will really ration these being used :-)
      I just have to get creative with my storage ideas and pass on old stuff to my local club or friends. Bigger home ain't gonna happen :-)