Thursday, 2 May 2019

Magic Book from an old folder experiment

This is something of a side project and an experiment. I have several folders and folding books that I need to decorate to make more "fantasy". This is one of the 2 basic folders I have and am working on. I forgot to take any pre picks of the blue folder, but you get the idea.

Below are the basic card additions I have made, on top of these I will be adding finer card details then use PVAcrete to fill any gaps before painting. A very similar approach to the large storage box I made several years ago.

The drawings will be the details I cut in thinner mounting card to create further relief.

I am using this crap old folder I used for notes when I was a teacher because its that or toss it away.

Opened out both back and front.

Will try to post some progress on this next week.


  1. Can't wait to see that finished

  2. I'm viewing this one as an experiment, will see how it goes, cheers Riot :-)

  3. Kudos to your creative Brain Darryl, this is a great idea. I love these kind of props in RPG's

    1. Thanks very much Wouter, I have an idea how it will look but you never know it could all go wrong. (You can tell I'm an optimist can't you) I like props too and I hope this is one which I can repeat use :-)