Sunday, 19 May 2019

Five Parsecs: Odi Sante Mission 5

The crew of the Odi Sante were taking a bit of a rest at a local casino and brothel, "Sal's Place"trying to decide what to do next. Their ambition was simple at this point, get off plane as soon as possible. With 8 creds could they afford it.

However unknown assailants were at that very moment spying out exactly where they were. A three person squad of highly trained Enforcers were hell bent on arresting or killing Eema. They didn't care which.

The crew were split at the start of the game, Eema and Timtuc6 were in the brothel, having a drink, while the rest were frittering away money in the casino. As they were unaware of the immediate danger, their movement was random initially.

The brothel.

The casino, both owned by Sal Bleng, as you may well have guessed :-)

The Enforcers sneak forward.

Staying pretty much put, the team carry on enjoying themselves.

Enforcers creep forward looking to draw a bead on Eema.

Timtuc6 takes himself off out the back of the brothel for 5 mins, heavens knows why but he did. Leaving Eema alone.

Eema then leaves the brothel for the casino and at the same time Darrsha heads out of the casino to find her.

The Enforcers split up to get better angles, arrest is looking very unlikely, they seem to be going for the kill!

Timtuc6 reappears in the brothel looking for Eema, and the Enforcers fan out.

At this point something must have alerted the crew as they were all on edge and looking about, not partaking of the entertainment. 

It was at this point that the Enforcers decided upon their approach. The section leader and her second would take up positions on a building and wait for the perfect shot. The younger more impetuous Enforcer would get close and finish Eema off if the long shot failed. 

The shot was on...

...and Eema was down, but not dead! The Enforcer on the scene saw Maz appear at the sound of the shot and gunned him down with her shotgun.

Seeing that there was a need for some dirty up close work, the second Enforcer sped to help his compatriot.

The way was clear for the Enforcer to make sure Eema was dead!

But both Darrsha and Max stormed in to protect her. Sadly both missing their attacks.

Remi and Timtuc6  look up to see an Enforcer running across the red stained Horst landscape.

Timtuc6 leveled his shell gun and blew the Enforcer to pieces.

At the stairs leading up to the casino there was a scene of carnage. The Enforcer lay dead having been taken out by Remi, but not before she had downed Max. Shocking!

The Lead Enforcer fled the scene hoping Eema was indeed dead.

Max, Maz and Eema were dragged inside the casino. Bleng will not like that, not good for business, all that blood.

Timtuc6, Remi and Darrsha were all fine at the end of the game but were concerned that the rest of the crew were not doing too well.

Maz, Max and Eema underwent surgery.

Sadly however, both Max and Maz died under the surgeons knife. Eema however had only been nicked on the temple and was completely fine.

That was a huge shock, really wasn't expecting anything quite so devastating to happen. It looks like the Odi Sante will finally leaving Horst but sadly neither Max nor Maz will be travelling with them.
One thing to keep in mind is that the rest of the crew won't get paid for this skirmish, could be problematic.


  1. Great report!
    The table you used makes it all feel like it's happening in a drug induced dream, I guess it must be the purple 😊.

    1. Cheers Wouter, Ha ha its the brothely purple colour that does it :-)

  2. Great Batrep, reminds me to finally try 5 Parsecs! Do you like it as a solo game?

  3. Thanks Skully, yeah I only play it as a solo game to be honest. I like all the background before and after battle sequences, that tell the story. Games don't take too long to play either.

  4. Once again I love that this is all scratch build! Looks great

    1. Cheers Riot, its fun to make and keeps me busy :-)

  5. Nice report. It looks great 👍