Wednesday, 14 August 2019

Terrain: Modern Buildings

Finally got round to creating the basic forms for the rest of the buildings I am going to be making based on the original here pictured at the front.

They are all made from the same cat food card boxes I used for the first, along with more basic bricks from the wooden kiddies set I bought ages ago.

When complete I will have 4 buildings that I can set to various heights so that all the bases are covered, so to speak.

These all come to pieces and when I have a few more roof top sections I will be able to have perhaps 6 buildings in total from what I have made here. 

Next I have to cut all the parts to create the details and then glue them in place. But since I know what I am doing should not take too long.

Finally will come the painting.

Must apologise for not being very active recently but have had a case of sinusitis for last two weeks and really haven't felt much like doing any modeling at all. 
Noses eh?