Thursday, 1 August 2019

Terrain: Wall Remodel

A few years back I started creating a load of wall sections to use in D&D to create rooms and dungeons. They were a bit thrown together although the basic idea was OK, pinched from DM Scotty to be honest.

This weekend just gone I was involved in a three day monster game of D&D, we played for about 28 hrs over the three days. Which was great fun to play.

The thing I realised was that the walls I had looked a bit uninteresting and that they could do with some details adding.

Basically I took some Das/PVA mix and added a few exposed stone sections, just to break them up a bit.

Then I set about painting and was reasonably happy that I had upgraded the wall I had.

Just another 30 or so to do, will post when all the sculpting done.