Saturday 28 March 2020

Simple Huts

I started to make these huts just after I began pulling together my Orc KIngs of War army, I thought it would be fun to have some specific Orc terrain to give the battlefield flavour.

I used the basic building method used by DM Scotty on the DM's craft.

Most of the other bits of terrain are made by me, there are a few bought trees and some pieces from Mantic's terrain crate.

I will be making some more Orcy terrain bits to accompany these huts, a tower and some low walls.

These huts are going to be used by Firbolg in our D&D campaign, so I've made some Flat Firbolg to play with.

The Firbolg clan in their make-shift village.

Couldn't afford to buy 10 Firbolg so made some Flats instead.

I drew just one Firbolg, then drew lots of staffs so they were all different and attached them in different places.

I water coloured each Firbolg separately before laminating. 

I've just finished creating some more creatures and commers to use in villages and towns, will post pictures soon.


  1. Very effective! That camp looks quite convincing.

  2. Replies
    1. Ta Riot, will try to get them into a game of Kings of War sometime when the isolation rules have been relaxed....

  3. I used the same technique for some 15mm tents. They took a bit of practice but it works really well. Yours look outstanding, especially with all the extra bits.
    Lovely work on these Firbolg, very effective.

    1. Thanks Wouter, just got to make sure the Firbolg appear in games, should be easy enough :-)