Friday 17 April 2020

D&D: Character Boxes

These are the two character boxes I have been putting together for my players in our D&D campaign. I made them because their bits and pieces were all stored in one large box and so everything got jostled and mixed together. Every time we went to play was a pain in the bum.

The symbols on this box are taken from the three Aetts of Viking Runes.
Frey's Aett
Hagel's Aett
Tyr's Aett

So now each player has a place to store: dice, inspiration marker, miniature, magic spell cards, magic item cards, spell slot markers and anything else the players might like to stick in it, biscuits, chocolates etc

The basic carcass and most of the build is mounting card, my Dad was chucking a sheet or 2 away and so I had them.

The smaller boxes are cereal card, there is a sheet of thin foam in the dice tray and a piece of 5 mm foam board to create the separator. The interior walls are all made from 5 mm foam board, this was left over from a job and donated to my supplies.  (thanks Aron) 

The symbols here are from a book I love; Tao Magic by Laszlo Legeza and on the whole mean, Long Life and Happiness.


  1. Lovely work, they're perfect as a prop for on the Tabletop and add an extra level to the gameplay.

    1. Thanks Wouter, the players like them. Although 2 haven't seen theirs in the flesh yet, just on here.