Sunday 26 April 2020

D&D: Kuo Toa Completed

Here are the small troop of Kua Toa I've been making for our games of D&D. I say they're complete but I haven't glued the nets onto the miniatures yet, not entirely convinced that the gause is doing it for me really.

Archpriest and the Whip along with a basic warrior.

The mound is one I have recently reconditioned using Luke's APS flocks and tufts to bring it to life and some additional detail painting on the stones.

Realised that half the miniatures are missing their lower jaw but since I've painted the lot I can@t be bothered to revisit them. They will have to remain "lower jawless" I'm afraid.

I am presently hard at work producing some of the more major nasties that live on the Island of Dicush, where my players are presently adventuring in. 


  1. A person named Tango01 hijacked you blog and posted it on The Miniatures Page.

    He has been told countless times to credit the blog by name at the very least. Many bloggers are requesting the same. This request has also fallen on the deaf ears of the owner of TMP as well.

    Very nice blog by the way