Monday 13 April 2020

D&D: Kua Toa Conversions Wip

Conversions of old GW Saurus models into D&D Kua-Toa, fish type humanoids. Some of these are not my best pictures, think the lighting was working against me.

Loads still to do, many don't have fins on back, others need tails removing and all need their eyes adding.

My version of the Whip.

Archpriest and the whole batch of 7 models..

Again close up of the Archpriest.

Basic warrior with spear, tooth pick sanded down, and will eventually have a net, made from the gauze bandage you see behind. .

So still lots to do and then they need painting.


  1. Like your conversions, fantastic greenstuff work. Not sure why you are going to remove the tails though, I think a backfin would make more sense with a tail. Curious to see how you're going to do the fin by the way.

    1. There are a few issues with these Wouter and perhaps you're right, I don't need the extra work. However I have it in my mind to keep as far as possible away from the Lizardman sculpts, so the tail may have to go.