Friday 10 April 2020

Terrain; Large Block Pieces and their uses

These are the large poly blocks that I made for use with D&D, so I can build more dramatic, large landscape settings.

They are poly shapes cut roughly to give idea of rock structures. Then I covered them in a mix of PVA and sand (PVAcrete)

Various sizes so I could create a variety of views.

The blocks combined with the mats I've painted recently have made it possible to create a whole variety of possiblities.

Bridge over a river of molten lava, anyone?

Yep this bridge over lave is guarded by 2 Stone Giants, nice!

In these pictures I threw in a tile I made years ago for Warhammer Quest, it works OK.

These are the blocks in development, should be painted soon and then into play.

I am thinking of getting a sheet of cheap poly to create hills with in the same sort of way, will have to wait for Coronavirus to sod of though :-)

Thanks for looking in, cheers all and keep yourselves safe :-)


  1. Lots of uses :), love the bridge over lava idea.

    1. Yeah, the more I played around with them the more uses i could find.