Saturday 12 September 2020

Flats: NPC Designs


While I was away in Wales had a few rainy days where I had time to make a load of drawings of possible NPC for D&D or Rangers of shadow deep or anything really.

Have only done the front so far as had nothing glass to lean on, I use a window at home and some Blu Tac, but the fiddly bit of deciding what they would look like is all done.

Some close ups, note that they haven't been cleaned up yet so still have loads of pencil marks on them.

They vary, some I am happier with than others and it also occurs to me that all these are either human or at a push elf, although with a bit of clever photocopying I might use some as dwarves and halfings or even as goliaths, will have to see how they look when they are miniaturised or blown up a bit.  


  1. These are really great! Very simple designs and flavourful. Great job. Love your work.

    1. Cheers Tonsha much appreciated.

    2. Just a thought: should the guy with the overcoat show the back of his coat between his legs?

    3. Ha, very nicely spotted Tonsha, cheers for the heads up :-)