Monday 28 September 2020

Cobblestone Roads...Finally

Some time ago I started building/sculpting some cobblestone sections and the other day I realised I had never posted them to this Blog.

I was quite happy with how they came out but I am not entirely sure how much use they will get in my games of D&D, which is why I had left them off the Blog. 

I think the reason I am feeling a bit nothingy about them is the step up created by the 5mm MDF that I built them on. Not a huge problem but apparently I don't like it!

So here are a few action? shots and then later the individual sections are pictured.

The individual cobblestone sections.

Won't fit with rest, but good for temples and such like.

The market square section.

Short section.

The three longer cobblestone paths. All slightly different.

All together.

Close ups

The big thing about these sections is that they are very tough and I don't think I will ever worry about damaging them. 


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