Sunday 4 October 2020

Frostgrave Second Edition, Solo Wargaming and Scum and Villainy


Last month I went a bit purchase crazy, getting my grubby mitts on the three books feature here and, not shown, a plastic gang of Soldiers Knights and Wizards for Frostgrave.
Looking forward at having a go at running a game of Scum and Villainy sometime in the future, and hopefully this week, "covid" allowing will be playing its inspiration by playing Blades in the Dark, run by the same system, Forged in the Dark.

Mr Featherstone's book has been a revelation to me and a source of great inspiration, I have made cards and written notes for myself to play more organised solo battles. Also, not shown here, I have been re-reading my old copy of the original Mighty Empires book and been suitably inspired by that too. Watch this space for further develpments, as have been organising my 10mm Roman and Briton armies.

Been looking forward to getting my hands on this, although have had little time to read too much as yet.


  1. Nice book selection! You'll love the art and new scenarios in Frostgrave 2!

    1. Nice to hear from you Ian, the book is lovely isn't it, I've been very impressed :-)