Sunday 25 October 2020

Last Refurbisment ....for now

This is my last post concerning the refurbishing work I have been carrying out. Today it is the turn of the single tower.

Looks loads better in my opinion and weighs a ton, far more detailed and generally more use in games.

Have just realised I forgot to paint the windows, ah well! One last thing to do.

Quick reminder of how it looked till a month ago. 

Basically lots of PVAcrete and sculpted details to bring it to life.

Next post will concern a project for my son, will be posting in a couple of days.


  1. Thanks Skully, much appreciated :-)

  2. Really good! It would be great if you found the time to do a tutorial on how to use your PVAcrete and how to paint your gameboards! I'm impressed by both!

    1. (But only if you have time..!)

    2. No problem Tonsha will be pleased to give it a go, will check I've not done one before, its possible especially on the PVAcrete :-)