Friday 30 October 2020

Small Water Features: Ponds/Pools


These are a set of pool/ponds I have made recently for my son for his birthday, although being in Bristol and me in Yorkshire it may a while before he can get them.

A few close ups.


The full set.

Here are the propriety pictures I took as I made them.

Built up the edge of the bank with some spare bits of foam board.

Lost the pictures of me applying the PVAcrete, sorry.

All undercoated with Mocha brown emulsion.

Geek Gaming foam flock added.

Along with some small stones from a Welsh beach.

I glued them in place with superglue to secure them quickly and fully.

I dry brushed a lighter tan round the edges of the bank and worked a darker patch into the centre of the pool to suggest depth.

Then I added further flock and lastly varnished the water repeatedly.

Last I added tufts again from Geek Gaming, these are odds and ends I collect up which would be thrown at the end of the day.

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