Wednesday 21 October 2020

Briton Warband and Longhouse


Painted up my barn/longhouse and stuck it alongside my newly based and tufted Briton 10mm 1500 point KOW army.

Very happy with how it looks and now intend creating 3 or 4 more to create a little Hamlet or village.

I undercoated it black, then overbrushed some brown/mocha emulsion. Then I built up with dry brushing a a lighter brown emulsion and finally a light brush with Egyptian Cotton (Dulux test pot).

Think the tufts and rebasing the Celts have really brought the army together.

May have to create some Roman buildings now too.


  1. Nice hut. But it is the army that's really impressive!

  2. Lovely job! What make are the Britons?

    1. They are Irregular miniatures Ian, they were quite cheap at the time :-)