Monday, 12 December 2016

Rogue Stars: Book Arrived Today

My Rogue Stars book and miniature arrived today, very impressed that I got it so quickly. new the model would be excellent as the whole range is looking fantastic.

Been reading through the introduction and activation parts of the book, as well as flicking through to see the great art work and photo's of miniatures. All looks very interesting at the moment. 

Activation seems quite different: if I'm reading it right, you can choose to try to get up to 3 actions for a model, each one has to be tested for, a Target Number has to be beaten, the nice twist is that any fails give your opposition a chance to react. So if you throw 2 dice: to run then hide, and fail one the opposition could shoot at you as you run. 

Seems to be a lot of modifiers, but with only 4-6 minitures in play that's OK.

Looking forward to creating my crew and  a background for them, then playing a game down at the club.

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