Monday, 19 December 2016

Rogue Stars: Trego Mills and Jaffa Wode, Bounty Hunters

So, as promised, here are my first two characters for Rogue Stars. I have created a simple hand drawn character sheet, which is in no way endorsed by the creators of Rogue Stars. It gives all the relevant skills and equipment.

Trego Mills

Trego is a lovely miniature sculpted by Mark Copplestone, I bought her for Mrs Daxio.

There is a good chance that I will add to it and create a more thorough rendition. I have already noticed that it should have an area for the total XP spent. Also I forgot a place to record Tactical Disciplines, so a revision will appear some time soon. Edit: have added these 2 areas already.

Jaffa Wode

Yes, Jaffa is based on a cheap plastic giraffe with a load of Gs added and an orcs head from my bits box.

Also looking carefully at the character sheet I could have put armour stats on too, maybe further revision is needed :-) And yes my drawing is marginally better than my computer skills :-)

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