Sunday, 26 March 2017

Saga: Viking Warband First Paint Tests

Here are my first goes at painting the Viking Saga Warband I have put together. All the models have some paint on them, mainly chainmail, then I have painted one Hearthguard, one Warrior, one Berserker and one Levi Archer.


Levi Archer, probably the worst one I converted to be honest, but there you go.



Saw this shield design on the net, will try to find out who had first painted it, smashing design. Will at some point be adding some tufts of grass to finish the bases off, but at the moment I don't have any.

At present the Levi Archers will get painted, but last of all, I have recieved, from Riot, advice that they may not be very useful and since I don't even have access to the rules yet, I am going to listen carefully and save my time. Cheers Riot :-)

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