Saturday, 16 September 2017

Frostgrave: Terrain on an Industrial Scale (ish)

For the last three days I have been working on a shed load of terrain for Frostgrave. We're hoping to put on 5 to 8 tables at the next Beers of War 3 Tournament in Wakefield, as we're doing an evening of gaming after the main tournament till 12 Midnight.

So designs first, on a bit of cat food box card :-)

By the end I should have created between 60 and 70 pieces of scatter terrain of various sizes. Obviously this early stage is the easy bit.

Templates made and cutting beginning.

Drawing out the individual pieces using the template.

Cutting the pieces up.

Loads of left overs, these will go in a bag for later.

Template incorporating all three designs for the basic walls, lots of variety.

Lots of coffee and snacks later.

Every template I ever make, I always keep- unless it proves to be rubbish.

The next day, hence the lighting alteration :-)

Cloisters all cut.

Archways and damaged arches all done.

Fallen wall sections.

Making lots of card bricks to be glued on.

Could be a work of modern art....ish.

So next post will show you where I am with the build, I am really focusing on these at the moment because I want them done well before the event.
So sorry in advance if this week coming is a bit Frostgrave Terrain heavy.

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