Friday, 24 March 2017

Saga: 6 Point Viking Force

For the last few weeks I have been looking into getting stared on Saga, then Ian at the club voiced an interest and bought the rules and Dave and a few others played this Monday just gone.

So I decided it was time to grab the remnants of the Gripping Beast Vikings I had and add some old GW miniatures into the fray and get going.

Four berserkers. Made from Warlord Celts with goblin cloaks and GB Viking weapons and finally GS to finish off.

My female warlord from the Dice Bag Lady, Vaguely Lagertha looking.

Eight Hearthguard, I gave all these swords.

Twelve Levi archers, made from GW Bretonion archers with extra GS round the neck and feet and GB Viking heads.

Sixteen Warriors all with hand axes. Gripping Beast plastics, very nice.

The I covered all the bases in PVAcrete to level up the bases and now all I have to do is paint the buggars, don't think I've ever put a complete army together and then had to paint the lot. 
Will see how it goes and blog the results, undercoating by hand tonight!

Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Frostgrave/Mordheim: Scatter Terrain

I made these to be placed mainly in buildings to create areas of rubble although they could be used scattered about as general terrain. I've been ttrying to work out a way to make the buildings more rustic and dilapidated without making the surface unplayable.

These are all made from bits from my odds and ends box and left over hardboard pieces to make the bases.

Some without flash.

Anyway this is how I envisioned them being used. First the building without the rubble pieces and then with. This is a building I made several years ago.

With scatter pieces.

Monday, 20 March 2017

Refurbishment of Dilapidated Old Building

This is the work I have done on an old building that's been knocking about the Wakefield Warriors Games Club for a while and was in some need of tender loving care. So I took it home and did the following to it. Its back to the club tonight so it can be used in games again.

How it ended up, but how it was originally below, also I should add the roof was completely snapped off, so first job was to glue it back on.

All rather badly worn.

First I added a new hardboard base to protect the poly.

Then I PVAcreted all round the edge for strength.

Also round the roof join, again to strengthen.

Then after a new paint job this is where we are presently at.

So, going back to the club tonight, will probably pick up another to be reworked. Its a never ending job.