Wednesday, 28 February 2018

Cottage Update

In my odd moments, mainly late at night I have been working to make one of my original cottages more detailed. In the last week I started to work on the shingle roof and it's starting to come together. I'm using tapers to create the shingles, not sure if these can be easily bought today, will look on Ebay. I've had these tapers for years, picked them up from...... no idea I'm afraid, but they are good because they have a rough texture.

Have been on Ebay and found some I think maybe what I'm using so bought them. This is their title.

Wooden Spills 1000 Wood Splints Tapers Splint Fire Lighters Light Church Candles

Will let you know what they are like when they arrive.

Have been working on the chimney stack round the back of the cottage too. I've added a basic card structure then covered over with PVAcrete then worked the details into it with a modelling tool.

My thoughts, its OK but I'm not convinced entirely we'll see what its like when its painted.

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