Thursday, 22 February 2018

D&D 5e: Kicking Down Doors

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Monday evening the gang got together over at Lee's to play another session of D&D, we were one player down, Woof the barbarian halfling was indisposed, but instead we had a new player Thervan (played by Ryan)

This weeks highlights were the sheer volume of doors that Plinker kicked down in the evil tower we were scouting, even though many of them were completely unlocked. Excellent stuff Luke.

So our party presently consists of:

Plinker Dwarf Marksman
Subaru Water Genasi Sorcerer
Woof Halfing Barbarian
Manny Wood Elf Monk
Thervan High Elf Hex Warlock 

Loads of fun was had by all, D&D is still my favourite game of choice, it manages to make me laugh and be horrified, excited and intrigued all at the same time. Great stuff.

Presently we are trapped in somewhere called Shadowfell I believe, a dark shadowy place full of undead and vampires, very unnerving. But great fun to role play in.

I have to say thanks to Lee at this point, not only does he run Beers of War here in Wakefield, which is an excellent event, but he DM's a mean game of D&D for 2 groups, cheers Lee.

More pictures and specific heroic moments next time.

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