Thursday, 18 July 2019

Terrain: Dead Trees

To go along with the stumps and logs I built earlier I have been making some whole, but dead, trees to accompany them.

These are made in pretty much the same way, hardboard base, a card interior structure, cat food box card, and then Das/PVA mix.

I then painted them in the same way I had before, greys and browns highlighted with cream and then sealed with antique oak varnish.

Thoughts on the whole process now they are complete are that I probably would have had a better result with a wire base, which I have plenty of, and that the card gave a very flat effect to the outer twigs which needed to be thinner. 

So they're OK, but could have been better and I won't use card as a base again, wire next time. However when that will be .....

I will be using these in our games for the foreseeable future.

End of Tree Report:
Branches:Could be better