Monday, 8 July 2019

Terrain: Modern building first finished.... I think

This is the first of the more modern buildings I have been working on and the part of the process I was looking forward least to doing; the painting.

I kept it simple for the moment although I might return to it later and add some further details.

I gave everything but the windows and frames a coat of sandy masonry paint to begin with in an attempt to create a concrete type effect.

Then painted greys of various hues until I finished with white. 

Looking at the image below I realise that the join in the cat food box is clearly visible despite being filled with card. The next one will have to have something else done to it as I don't like that, perhaps a piece of card inserted into the window, the same size.

The windows were just blue then washed over with a black, very watered down.

Still not sure what to do with the inside quite yet, at the least I should give it some colour. The roof also comes off, so there will be that one to think about as well.

I have already built a load more carcasses and need to add the details next, will post again on this topic when all the construction is complete.

Overall I like them, but do worry that they may not get used that often and are very much dedicated to only one scale, 30mm ish. Only time will tell I suppose.


  1. Simple yet very effective looking. Nice work sir!

  2. How much are you feeding this cat!!!!

    So many boxes!!

    1. Ah well you see its easy with 5 bloody cats in the house, haha, love em all dearly :-)

  3. Very nice work, looks pretty good for being 'just a cat box'.

    1. They are such sturdy boxes, very good for building all sorts of stuff from. Cheers Wouter :-)