Sunday 17 May 2020

D&D: Aramantia Utox: Lamia NPC

For the past year or so this NPC has been a thorn in the side of my players in our D&D campaign, to the point where some of them actively hate her and were happy when she died, the first time.

Obviously this is a converted model, the top half is an 80's dark elf from GW and the lion body is a nasty cheap model from a pound shop, which one I can't remember to be honest. If I find myself in one of the "pound" shops I always have a good look round for anything I think might come in useful in the future. There is nearly always something.

I  did a bit of GS work round the skirt/type mane and added some details from a high elf sprue, GW made again.

Here is the card I made for her, basic stats on the front.

On the reverse are the spells she can use and a few pencil notes about tactics.

I also copied the magic cards, from the set that I purchased a while back, I am a bit anal about cards, I rarely give my players the originals, I put paper copies in plastic shields and they have those. To be fair I use them that way too with any characters I play.

Forgot that I had probably added a bit too much GS to create Aramantia's bust, look like a couple of old bald headed gentlemen peeping out the top of her blouse, ah well.

Was fun to make and she has certainly been an interesting NPC to play.

The base is cat food box card with PVAcrete covering it and grass tufts from Luke's APS.

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