Sunday 24 May 2020

Flat Designs: More monsters and Villagers

These were still being drawn the last time I posted any flat designs.

Now both sides complete, although I have to say that I wasn't too happy with some of the rear legs in these designs.

The made up villager human flats. Put these on permanent bases as they looked odd on the slotted removable ones. Too tall.

The completed Slaad models. Green and Blue.

Umber hulk, Owlbear and Otyugh.

The whole lot together.

Some close ups. Made the Green Slaad so he can be painted as a Green or Red, so the loin cloth ws added as separate and so was the staff.

Finally the the award goes to the flat most likely to be mistaken for a very small Chris Hemsworth.

After sorting this realised I had forgotten the Tortles, will include them in the next flat post I make.

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