Tuesday 28 July 2020

D&D: Cottage/Shop Fronts 2

After a few more hours on the cottage fronts this is where I am. Basically the walls and the pathway outside the buildings are complete.

They were created using sand and PVA mixed into a thick paste, spread on the foam card and then marked with sculpting tools.

The three story mansion.

The townhouse.

And more cottages, which can double as shops with a few extra details added.

Some details of the cottage that is the furthest along.

The wood texture is made using flour and water.... no sorry I mean Das and PVA mixed.

Think I will try to complete one cottage as I'm not entirely sure how to proceed at the moment. So a bit of trial and error on the way.

Finally some shots of the 4 part completed, these need the timber work doing next then the roof adding. 

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