Saturday 18 July 2020

Jungle Tree Terrain

Quite a large dump of pictures of all the different small pieces of terrain I have been either building from scratch or re-working to give more value on the table.

All the trees have been recently added to my collection, bought very cheaply some time ago. During lockdown and a bit before I have managed to base them all so they can be used in clumps of 2 or 3 trees.

The jungle bases I made some time ago but have been adding Tufts from Geek Gaming to really enhance them. There is still work to do to the bases of the low jungle pieces and the palm trees.

Finally there are some very small pieces, either small clumps of vegetation or small circular pieces like wood piles or watery swamp areas and to these I have been adding more grass tufts to enhance they're use. 

Next post will be a quick review of how the palm tree bases were made.

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