Wednesday 22 July 2020

Tree Stumps, we all want them...

Over a year ago now, possibly even 2 years ago I sculpted myself some stumps which I found very useful. However I gave half of them to my little lad for his games as part of a box of terrain for his D&D games. 

So I had a load missing and needed to create some more. This time I decided not to use old pencils as the base, mainly because I wanted them to be thicker, more substantial.

So I used some cat food box card (cfbc) to create some tubes, glued them to a base with a hot glue gun and got ready to apply Das and PVA. 

I applied a thin coat, then went back and added another but this time worked the details into it.
Wood grain! who would have thought it?

So a while later with several waits for stuff to dry this is where we are.

Next post I will be returning to the shop/cottage/townhouse facades.
Take care everybody.


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  2. Your use of flour and water is astounding. ;)

    1. Cheers Limited, The Das with PVA glue added to it, makes it a lot more easy to use :-)