Sunday 9 November 2014

Circle Orboros Warband

Storm and Stone
I thought I would post all the models that I have put together for my Circle Orboros Warband. These have been modelled in the cheapest way possible. They are all conversions from other ranges of model I have had lying about, or models that I could alter with little effort. But mainly the warband had to be cheap in terms of cash.

The majority come from parts/bits of GW stuff that I have in my bits box added to green stuff. Some are converted Reaper miniatures.

Feral and Pureblood Warpwolves, both made from GW Wolf heads and the rest from card and green stuff.

The Argus are made from GW wolves and green stuff, the one on the left is my least favorite, heads need remodeling! Kaya is made from various high elf bits from GW and some green stuff.

The Druids are made from old GW wood elves, I have enough for a second unit.

Pureblood Warpwolf.

The Gorax is made from a GW beastmen from the 90's.

Shifting Stones are completely scratch built, card and green stuff.

I have further models in the pipeline, but these may well take along time to complete as I have loads of other projects to complete. 
These are all models I have, or am in the middle of, modeling, but not painted.
Tharn Ravagers: Tharn wolf riders: Shadowhorn and Gnarlhorn Satyrs: Blackclad Wayfarer: Druid Overseer: War Wolf: Mohsar.
My aim is to have a varied 50 points, can't see me using more.

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