Friday 7 November 2014

Necrozone Walls complete

After much cutting, gluing and painting the walls are all finished for the Necrozone game or "Quest in Space" concept I'm working on.

I still have to make the doors, but these are cut, just need to create the bases, then put them all together. That sounds easy but in fact its a load of fiddling, cutting and gluing all over again.

I did have a bit of a problem, but it was very much self inflicted. When I came to painting the walls with stain to give them more depth I managed to pick the wrong tin of paint, heavens knows why, so that a good half of the walls are a reddish colour. A day later I came back to finish the set off and realised, looked in the garage and saw my mistake. The later half have a more "oak" finish and really it gave some variation to the walls and that's not a bad thing really.

The only thing I haven't done with these is to paint on little details, yellow stripes or graffiti, perhaps I'll go back when I have time and complete them.

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