Saturday 1 November 2014

Dark Elf Army

Here is my Dark Elf 2500 point army, the one I should have used Thursday. Didn't play as felt "fluey". I have never played with this list before and in fact have not played with the new Dark Elf book. These models have been packed away with my other armies, ready for when we move.

There is lots of home made stuff here: the 3 Hydra are all made from scratch; obviously the Cauldron; the Manticore is a cheap lion toy with wings and green stuff; the Warlocks were in post earlier this week; Many of the spearmen are converted Warlord ancient greek hoplites; some of the crossbows were modelled from scratch.

 Two Sorcerers, Level 4 and 2.

A Medusa.

Cauldron in a unit of 40 spears.

Warlocks, featured recently.

20 Repeater crossbows.

3 Hydra, never done this before.

Lord on a Manticore.

These are not my only Dark Elf models. I can muster about 6,000 points at a push

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