Monday, 28 March 2016

KOW: Dwarf 2000 point army for Winters End Tournament

Had a great day yesterday, played over at the Grid in Doncaster. 
Played Tom, Alex and Darren and got roundly beaten each time, but had a good laugh.

I took my slightly revised dwarf army, but it did not cut the mustard, as it were, and in the end I came last out of 8 and Luke who came with me from WWarriors came 7th. 
Not a good day for dwarfs, Luke has an all Slayer/Berserker list.

Tilly refused to remove herself from the pictures and I felt the Dwarfs had already lost enough fights for the time being, so she stayed :-)

Will post some close ups of the new finished Earth Elementals tomorrow, they really still need some lichen and other bits to finish them.

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