Sunday, 31 July 2016

Necromunda: Goliath Juves painted

 These are the Goliath Juves I put together at the end of last month. It seems to have taken me for ever to get round to painting them. Think my focus has been in other areas.

Keeping the tattoos the same was a bit of a bind to be honest, not sure I will do any more.

A couple of close ups of the bases with watch parts bought of ebay again. Really like the effect and this time I glued them on with gel superglue which made it a lot easier. Cheers Luke :-)

I'm hoping these guys will provide me with a dual purpose, firstly as a Necromunda gang, but also, possibly as part of a force for Warpath when it comes out later this year. I may even be able to use them in the new version of Deadzone.

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